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Pet Sitting

Our pet sitting services are designed for clients who are out of town on vacation or business. Our base services and rates are listed below, however, we are glad to accommodate your needs whenever possible.

Introductory Visit Always Free!
Pet Sitting Visit (Half-hour)
   Includes care for 1-2 pets
$16.00 per visit*
Each Additional Pet $2.00 per visit
Add 15 Minutes to Length of Visits $8.00 per 15 minutes
Fish Feeding Only Visits (10-15 Minutes)
   Includes 1-2 aquariums
$11.00 per visit

*Please note this price is per visit, not per day.

Each standard visit includes fresh food and water for your pet, cleaning of litter boxes/cages or access to the outdoors for a potty break, exercise, and plenty of love and attention. The exercise will generally be a walk for dogs, play with favorite toys for kitties, or other activities as appropriate to your pets.

The number of times your pets are visited each day depends on the type of pets. To tailor our services to you and your pets we have a variety of options to choose from.

One Visit Per Day This is the minimum number of visits per day for many pets such as cats, birds, hamsters, reptiles, and other small caged animals. Visits will be made at approximately the same time each day.
Two Visits Per Day This is the minimum number of visits per day for dogs and is available for all pets. Visits will be made approximately 12 hours apart.
Three Visits Per Day Available for all pets. Visits will be made in the morning, mid-day, and the evening.
Four Visits Per Day Extra 30 minute visits available by request for pets with special needs.
Quick Checks Available by request when visits are scheduled two times or more each day. Quick checks are 10-15 minute visits for dogs that need a quick potty break at some point during he day. Quick Checks will be charged at a rate of $10 per visit.
Fish Feeding These visits are designed for clients who need fish fed and house looked after but don't have pets that need to be exercised. Fish feeding visits are charged at a rate of $10 per 10-15 minute visit and may be scheduled without any other daily visits. Minimum one visit per day.

In addition to the pet sitting part of our visits we are happy to provide house sitting services as well. These services are included in the rates listed above and include:

  • Bringing in mail and newspaper
  • Turning on/off lights
  • Turning on/off television or radio
  • Opening/closing window curtains/blinds
  • Watering indoor or outdoor plants
  • Filling outdoor bird feeders
  • Putting out trash/recycling on collection day.

If the time spent performing additional services will exceed the half-hour visit (for example, if you have a large garden to be watered), each additional 15 minutes will be charged at $7.50. Extensive additional services must be agreed to by Jill's Pet Sitting at the time the visits are scheduled.

Visits made in the City of Faribault and some surrounding neighborhoods are included in the rates listed above. Visits made outside this area will be charged an additional $10.00 per visit.

Dog Walking & Midday Visits

This type of visit is designed for dog walking and midday meals/potty breaks for youngsters and old timers. Services may be scheduled with a start and an end date or be ongoing. This service is very beneficial to pets whose owners are unable to perform midday care tasks due to work schedules. Dog walking and Midday Visits are available Monday through Friday. Rates for midday visits and dog walks are:

Midday Visit (Half-hour)
  Includes 1-2 Pets


Dog Walk (Half-hour)
  Includes 1-2 Dogs

Dog Walk (One Hour)
  Includes 1-4 Dogs
Each Additional Pet $2.00 per visit/walk

Visits made in the City of Faribault and some surrounding neighborhoods are included in the rates listed above. Visits made outside this area will be charged an additional $10.00 per visit.

Pet Transportation

Pet transportation services are available to get your pets where they need to go! We can will drop off and/or pick up your pet at any number of Faribault locations. This is perfect for trips to the groomer or the vet when you are out of town and we are sitting your pets. Our pet sitting clients may also use our transportation services while they are at work or just need help getting their pet to the right place at the right time.

Please let your vet or groomer know that we will be picking up or dropping off your pet. You will also want to make arrangements for your payment in advance with them. Rates for pet transportation are:

Hourly Rate $32.00
Plus mileage between your home and your pet's destination

Charged by the whole mile at the IRS Standard Mileage Rate rounded up to the nearest cent.
Currently: 55 cents per mile

Please contact Jill with any questions you have regarding our services and rates!

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